2022 Transatlantic Cruise: Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

By Suzanne Klasen
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Logistics in and out of Rome can be complicated. We flew from Bucharest through Munich and then on to Rome the night before the cruise. Our only worry was getting out of Munich as the Air Traffic Controllers were on a slow down which mean that our flight had been delayed. Once we were off the ground and running, were in good shape.

Landing in Rome was a nightmare. We got off the plane, gathered our bags and headed out to go to the Hilton Hotel that is connected to the airport. However as soon as we left the secured area, my husband and I got separated.

After looking for him for a while, I decided just to walk to the connecting hotel, only the signage was not good and It didn’t seem to indicate that I had to go up one level. My husband was already at the hotel and called me to let me know that I needed to go upstairs and across the car park walkway, but again, the signage was not good and when I got half way across the car park walkway, there were no more sings for the hotel.

I should have kept going, but turned around thinking I had missed the sign. Husband called me again, and said just keep walking. Finally I was there.

I always recommend that when folks come to the Rome airport that they line up a driver to meet them at the airport security exit point. This wouldn’t have helped us as we were just walking to the hotel, but had we been trying to transfer into the city it would have been a big help. One of the reasons I got so turned around was that it was a morass of people waiting to get taxis and shuttles. They were all backed up in the walkways. Those who were met at the security exit would have been escorted to their vehicles. It looked like it could have been an hour wait for a taxi.

We had a nice night at the hotel, enjoyed some Italian food and wine and then got up to head to the ship the next morning. I had pre-arranged a driver to pick us up at the hotel and take us to the cruise port. This is another must do when cruising out of Civitavecchia, because the port is located so far from the City and the Airport.

Once aboard, we enjoyed a drink with our friends from the Martini bar staff who were on board with us in May on the same ship.

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