Perks of Upgrading to Business Class Air For Flights within Europe

By Suzanne Klasen

During our journey for the recent river cruise our trans-Atlantic flights took us as far as Austria, where we spent one night at an airport hotel and then flew Austrian Airlines from Vienna to Zagreb. That was about a 1 hour flight, and for a little over $100 total we could upgrade to business class. While we certainly could have coped with flying coach for that short of a flight, we decided that it was well worth it to upgrade to business class mostly because of the perks.

Though it took us a little bit of time to find the business class check-in at the Vienna airport, we were able to check our bags at a shorter line and expedited check-in. We were also allowed to check two bags each or carry on two smaller bags. Due to the smaller luggage hold space on a short haul regional plane we had to check both our wheel aboard and our larger checked bag and just carry on our computer bags. However there was no charge for either checked bag.

One of the best perks is the business class check in and departure lounge at the Vienna airport. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and a comfortable work space while we awaited our boarding time. Just having that easier atmosphere at the airport made our waiting time more relaxed.

Once on the plane, there is plenty of space to spread-out. They block off every other seat in the front of the plan for the business class, so guests have the whole row of two seats to themselves. On larger planes, where there are three seats, they block off the middle seat.

I have done a similar upgrade a few years ago for just around $100-$150 pp on KLM when flying from LAX to Bordeaux. My flight from LAX to Amsterdam was in Coach and not very pleasant, but once I got to Amsterdam I had the upgraded business class flight on KLM from Amsterdam to Bordeaux. After a not so comfortable long haul, it was very nice to have a little more comfort on our way to Bordeaux.

Suzanne Klasen

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