2022 Transatlantic Cruise: Celebrity Constellation Ship Review

By Suzanne Klasen
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This was our second time to cruise on the Constellation this year, so I won’t go into to much detail about the ship, but just talk about the highlights of this cruise.

For more pictures and a more complete review of the ship, please see our review from our May 2022 cruise.

The Halloween party was a blast. Hosted by the cruise director in an inflatable Triceratops costume the party had lots of people in costumes with everyone dancing and overall having a great time.

My husband is not much for wearing costumes, but when they said that they were going to be having a best couple’s prize, I tried to come up with a creative way to turn my Liza Minnelli costume into a couples costume that my husband would wear. I came up with the idea of him going as a constellation. I was “The Celebrity” (Liza Minnelli), he was the “Constellation” (Orion), and together, we were “The Celebrity Constellation.” I bought a cheap $10 purse in the gift shop that was holographic vinyl, and then cut out disks and sewed them on the shirt in the form of the constellation Orion, I then had to use thread from 4 different emergency sewing kits to connect the stars together so that it would read as a constellation. I think it turned out pretty well. We ended up runner-up for most creative costume.

So now lets talk about the one little problem we had on this ship. About half way through the cruise, in the middle of the night, we had a pipe leaking water into our room from the bathroom. Just water, not a big deal. We called guests relations to let them know, threw some towels down and they said they would move us to a new room the next day. This was handled very easily with our cabin attendant and the guest relations manager helping us with our suitcases and hanging clothes to move from our original room on deck 7 to a larger concierge class cabin on Deck 8. It was not a very big deal and was handled promptly and professionally. They even gave us a future cruise credit for the hassle.

Other than the little snafu with the leaking pipe, the ship was in pretty good shape for being older and while it wasn’t grand and shiny and new like the Edge Class ships, the smaller size and fabulous entertainment and activities staff made up for an lacking grandeur.

We also enjoyed the featured entertainers as well. This young man has played the West End in several productions including Les Miserables. We actually recognized him from a restaurant in Mykanos, Greece where he was seated a couple of tables over from us with staff from the Beyond in May.

One other fun activity that the ship sponsored in this extended cruise was the Egg Drop in the atrium. Lots of teams formed during the cruise and had to devise a contraption, using recycled materials from the ship, that would drop from the 3 story atrium to the floor and then the guests had to removed the eggs intact in one minute to score points. They also scored points for design originality and hitting the target. The pictures don’t really capture the fun of the event as everyone was cheering others on in the hopes that their eggs would survive and that the contestants would be able to remove the whole during the allotted time period.

We also loved our flare bartenders in the Martini bar who always kept thing lively and fun.

Departure from Nassau was fun with several ships blowing horns.

Suzanne Klasen

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