2022 Canada, Greenland and Iceland: Seydisfjordur, Iceland

By Suzanne Klasen
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Simply put, the reward at the top of the hills in Seydisfjordur is this spectacular waterfall. Just 2.11 Miles from the edge of town, this waterfall is worth the uphill hike to get there. It is about 2.5 miles from town but seems longer since it is all up hill.

We were literally only a few miles out of town, but my videos taken from the hiking path where you cannot see the road make it look like we are in some extremely remote part of the world. On the upper part of the hill their are actually three waterfalls.

In a couple of the pictures below you can see all three stages of the waterfall, and on the lower part of the hill there is even a 4th waterfall at the area that was Icleand’s first hydro electric power plant. I had to hop a sheep fence to get down to the plant as a short cut to going all the way down the hills and backtracking, but they had a ladder placed specifically for those who wanted to do that.

The area is some what of artist colony and wone of the prettiest areas is the rainbow painted street right in town with the lovely church in the background. This town is also Iceland’s Ferry Port with car ferries coming from Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

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