2022 Canada, Greenland and Iceland: Cruising Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

By Suzanne Klasen
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Between the mountain scenery, the glaciers, the peas soup, the gluewein and the spectacular views from the front of the ship, this might have been my favorite day onboard the ship.

This 100 mile passage links the Labrador Sea on the West Side of Greenland with the Imminger Sea on the East side of Greenland. We spent most of the day on deck enjoying the relatively mild weather and the ever changing scenery as we sailed through this amazing area. There is is one little settlement along the sound, Aappilattoq, which is home to about 100 Greenlanders. We were so far away, the village looked like doll houses. About this time the wonderful crew of Holland America served pea soup on the open decks to all chilly passengers.

Towards the latter end of the sound we were treated to several tide water glaciers. Event better than the Pea Soup, Holland America brought out the Gluewein to warm us up on the open decks. If you are not familiar with Gluewein, it is the warm spiced wine served in European Christmas Markets.

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