2022 Canada, Greenland and Iceland: Qaqortoq, Greenland

By Suzanne Klasen
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Greenland is one of the most remote and least visited places on the planet. The colorful houses and dramatic lanscape accent the warm hospitality and simple way of life of the people of Qaqortaq, Greenland. We explored this tiny town on foot and enjoyed visiting the towns series of buildings that are part of their local museum. The main museum houses Greenland Inuit displays. The upper room is a special place because Charles Lingbergh stayed their during his float plane tour doing aireal surveys of Greenland. We also visited the town’s historic church The ceiling ship is a model of the royal trade ship Hvalfisken, which was in service for almost a century, starting in 1804. The church also holds the commemorative wreath and the lifebuoy for M/S Hans Hedtoft, which sank south of Cape Farewell on her maiden voyage on January 30, 1959. The buoy was found on Iceland and is the only wreckage found of the ship.

After visiting the church my friend Jill and I ventured up the little stream where we were treated to a panoramic view of a glacier fed lake.

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