2020 South America/Antarctica: Puerto Madryn, Argentina

By Suzanne Klasen
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As a child, my son, who is now close to 25, was obsessed with dinosaurs. Between the Land Before Time, Disney’s Dinosaur and the Walking With Dinosaurs CGI documentaries, we almost always had dinosaurs on the TV. My son was an early reader, and non-fiction books about dinosaurs were some of his favorites. He even did a report in kindergarten about all kinds of different dinosaurs, including the many species that have been found in the Patagonia region of Argentina.

When I heard that the largest dinosaur ever found was from this region I had to go check out the museum located in Trewlew, about 45 minutes from Puerto Madryn. We decided to to the trip on our own, so we walked into town, got in the taxi queue and for a $100 total round trip fare, soon found ourselves and our Spanish speaking driver on our way to the museum.

The museum’s displays were a little underwhelming as most of what they do is in the field and related to the excavation and preserving of the fossils. However, they have a great film about the finding of the Patigotitan and an actual leg bone on display. I was hoping to see the full size skeleton that was 3D printed and assembled, but found out later that those were sold to museums in New York and Chicago. However, along the highway, right as one enters Trewlew, they have constructed a life-size representation in fiberglass that is free for anyone to stop and see.

Our driver waited for us while we checked out the museum and then brought us back to town where we enjoyed a fabulous Argentine lunch with wine, a walk along the beach front boardwalk and then headed back to the ship.

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