2020 South America/Antarctica: Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

By Suzanne Klasen
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If you want to see the world’s most accessible colony of King Penguins, the Bluff Cove penguin excursion in Port Stanley is a must do. I knew we were going to see penguins, but I had honestly picked the excursion due to its short travel time, rather than it being an exclusive opportunity. Once we got there, we were delighted to see how many penguins, and because they have no fear of humans, how close we could get to them. The local hosts who were there to answer our questions and make sure that we didn’t get too close to the penguins, told us that the King Penguins were a fairly recent addition to the rookery.

They have a wonderful little café on the site that serves up coffee, tea and pastries that are included in the price of your tour. They have a wonderful little gift shop where you can purchase hats, scarves and the like made from the exclusive Bluff Cove tweed. The penguin rookery is right on the edge of the cattle and sheep farm and they harvest the wool from the ship, dye the yarn locally, then send it off to Scotland where it is woven into the Bluff Cove tweed. Once that is done, they send it back to Bluff Cove to be sold in the gift shop. As you can imagine, that makes the items very expensive, but completely unique.

And now for the penguins!

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