2020 South America/Antarctica: Cape Horn, Chile

By Suzanne Klasen
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Before the completion of the Panama Canal, merchants who wanted to ship goods via sea from the East Coast of the US to California, or the reverse, would have to utilize the clipper ships that would sail around South America and the famed Cape Horn. Sailing on a sailing ship around the Cape is still considered to be one of the biggest challenges in yachting due to the currents and the sometimes treacherous winds.

We were blessed with a picture perfect day for our sailing by this famous point. The Captain even remarked that despite have done this sailing many times, he was able to see mountain ranges that he had never seen before. Our ship approached the area in the early morning hours and held position in the area for about an hour to give us plenty of photographic opportunities. In the picture below, you see a much smaller expedition ship anchored while its passengers headed ashore via zodiacs. There is also a small Chilean navy boat on the left. From our ship, we could see both the light house and the marker/monument on one of the hills.

After our stop here in the morning, we headed out to sea to cross the Southern Ocean towards the Antarctic peninsula.

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