2020 South America/Antarctica: Paradise Bay, Antarctica

By Suzanne Klasen
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Paradise Bay is one of the quietest places I have ever visited. There are no signs of civilization, though it is home to Argentina’s Almirante Brown Antarctic Base (still in use) and Chile’s González Videla Antarctic Base (not used since the 1980s). We sat on the deck of our balcony in amazement as we enjoyed two scenic hours navigating the Bay.

Rather than bustling shops and the steel drum music of a Caribbean cruise, we experienced the peace and tranquility of this remote location. We could spot whales and numerous icebergs in the Bay. Seeing this awesome area from a luxurious full size Celebrity cruise ship made the experience almost surreal. The Bay was named by whalers who probably not only appreciated the shelter from the wind by the surrounding mountains, but the abundance of whales.

When sailing in Antarctica, large cruise ships, like the Celebrity Eclipse, follow special protocols which include no outside music or loud noises. Our cruise director led his daily workout dance class with all the participants wearing the wireless headphones used for the Silent Disco.

Words cannot give proper credit to the wonderful views – please enjoy the images below!

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