2020 South America/Antarctica: Buenos Aires, Argentina (Pre Cruise)

By Suzanne Klasen
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There is a reason that Buenos Aires is called the Paris of South America. From it’s architecture, to its food, Buenos Aires exceeded expectations. I had been to other large cities in South America before, but none with the beauty and cosmopolitan feel of Buenos Aires. For our pre-cruise stay, we choose the Hilton Buenos Aires in the Puerto Madero area. That uniquely historic and modern part of town was once the main port of the city, but went into decline for many years until being revitalized with upscale high rise apartment buildings, hotels and and offices along with a vast assortment of dining and shopping venues in the old port building. Our Hilton Hotel was the 8-story silver/grey building to the right of the cranes, tucked in behind the trees.

We found an incredible dining venue at La Cabana where we enjoyed two of the most beloved products of Argentina: Malbec Wine and delectable beef. Another highly recommended Argentine delicacy is the puffed potato. I am not quite sure how it is prepared, but it is like a puffed steak fry.

We only had one day in Buenos Aires prior to our cruise, but if you can fit in two or three, there is much more to explore in this amazing city.

So long Buenos Aires! Off to explore more of Argentina and Antarctica!

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