2020 South America/Antarctica: Elephant Island, Antarctica

By Suzanne Klasen
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Elephant Island may be most famous as the shelter of last resort taken by the crew of the Endurance during the ill fated Antarctic expedition lead by Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton’s ship became trapped in the Weddell Sea ice for over a year and was eventually crushed and sank. The men of the Endurance managed to escape to the lifeboat and were able to sail to Elephant Island. From there, Shackleton took a small group on an open boat journey of 720 nautical miles to South Georgia island where he would rejoin civilization at the whaling station and send a rescue boat for his men he left on Elephant Island.

The area where the Celebrity Eclipse “parked” was right off the Endurance Glacier, next to which the men camped on the small beach. They survived on a diet with lots of Penguin meat. Miraculously, Shackleton reached South Georgia in the small boat, then scaled a glacier covered mountain to reach the whaling station and all the men on Elephant Island were able to be rescued several months later.

Enjoy the views of Elephant Island!

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