2023 Greenland and Canadian Arctic Expedition Cruise – Silver Cloud Entertainment Review

By Suzanne Klasen
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One of the things that differentiated this cruise from other expedition cruises that we have done is that there was a mini entertainment team consisting of Daniel the Entertainment Director, a singer/piano player, a singer/guitar player and a sound tech. Daniel is a trained musical theater performer from the UK who was formerly part of the singing ensemble on the traditional Silversea ships who have a troupe of 6 singer/dancers.

Daniel did 4 singing shows for us in the theater during the voyage including a Frank Sinatra Tribute, Best of Broadway and the West End, Tom Jones, and James Bond. Daniel’s fun and engaging personality shone through in all his shows and in the many games that he hosted for us.

The games includes Team Trivia, Music Trivia, Complete the Lyrics, Name the Song from the Lyrics, and Name That Tune. He also hosted the Liars Club night with the Expedition Team providing us with the silly answers for each of the ridiculous words.

The head chef hosted a Tandoori Chicken cooking Class and I am wanting my husband to make the recipe at home.

Our trivia team had strength in diversity and was one of the most competitive. We won the top score more often than we didn’t.

James Bond Night was especially fund with a couple of the ladies from the crew portraying Bond Girls. Our wonderful house keeping attendent looked beautiful in her “Bond Girl” dress and modeling jewelry from the gift shop.

Our favorite night might have been his Tom Jones show, where he really got into character. He even had arranges for a couple of us ladies to sit in the front row and scream and throw “knickers” as the British all them, on to the stage as women were known to do for Tom Jones’s performances. Daniel joined us for a couple of our special dinners and really made the whole cruise a heck of a lot of fun for the guests.

The live music provided by the piano player and the guitarist also added to ambiance in the lounges. Late in the evening I even sang a couple numbers with George the piano player. He made it fun.

And finally we even talked Daniel into hosting a Karaoke night where a lot of guests stepped outside their comfort zone and joined in on the singing fun.

Suzanne Klasen

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