2023 Greenland and Canadian Arctic Expedition Cruise – Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (cruise end)

By Suzanne Klasen
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Because our charter flight wasn’t until the evening, but the ship needed to be prepped for the next folks boarding the cruise, we were provided with a tour in Kangerlussuaq that took us on a rough dirt road, in a 4 wheel drive tour vehicle to the Glacier about 20 miles from town. It was a pretty rough ride, but we enjoyed the scenery.

After our tour we headed to the airport where our plane was about an hour late getting in because it had to make a fuel stop in Canada after leaving New York. Once we got on the plane we also learned that we were going to have make a fuel stop in Canada. The reason was that they had fuel delivered to Greenland, but it hadn’t yet been tested by who ever needed to test it, so we had to make the extra stop in Canada to refuel the plane.

That meant that we didn’t land in New York until about Midnight, clear customs until about 1 am and arrive a the Times Square Intercontinental until 2 am. It made for a long day.

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