2021 Alaska Cruise: Endicott Arm, Alaska

By Suzanne Klasen
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I always tell my clients “If you do one excursion on your cruise, do the tour boat excursion in Eindicott or Tracy Arm Fjords, where you will get up close to a glacier.” We heeded my own advice and took this one excursion during our Alaska Silversea cruise and it was the highlight of the trip. The tour boat came along side the ship and a little over 100 of us got on it to see the waterfalls and glacier of the fjord up close. Our tour began just as we entered Endicott arm right after passing Sumdum Glacier, a hanging glacier at the entryway of Holkham Bay.

We also passed by one of the NatGeo expedition cruise ships we had previously seen the day before embarking in Juneau. Once we got on to the little tour boat, our first stop was Fords Terror fjord. We didn’t go to far into it as the more inland part of the fjord has tidal rapids which were named by young crewman exploring the fjord who was trapped for several hours by rising tidal rapids. We did however get close to the waterfall near the entrance.

From there we headed by the Celebrity Millennium, made a stop at what our tour naturalist nicknamed wedding cake falls and sailed by our own Silver Muse ship.

Finally the best part of the cruise had arrived, our approach to Dawes Glacier! We were able get within a quarter mile of the glacier, and though the view from the back of the large ship, this up close and personal experience was breathtaking. We were able to see a few happy seals hanging out in the safety of the ice floes, could hear the crackling of the glacier and even saw a few small glacial calvings.

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Suzanne Klasen

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2 thoughts on “2021 Alaska Cruise: Endicott Arm, Alaska

  • Mark Brown February 28, 2023 at 5:12 am Reply

    Very interesting article, thanks for posting, as my wife and I are due to cruise in Alaska aboard Silversea Muse next year.

    I have a question if I may concerning shore excursions. We have booked a number of these already, however there is nothing showing available in Endicott Arm or Hubbard Glacier.

    So my question is, are the excursions from the ship at these two locations bookable in advance, and are they treated as complimentary ?

    I’d welcome any advice you can offer on this.

    Many thanks


    • Suzanne Klasen February 28, 2023 at 6:00 am Reply

      Hi Mark,
      From our experience, I really can’t 100% answer you questions. When we sailed, there were only 250 guests on our ship, so we were able to book the Endicott Arm Excursion directly on board. At that time Silversea was not yet including shore excursions in the price of the cruise in Alaska. I would reach out through your booking channel, either through your travel agency or Silversea direct and see if you can find the answer as to when and how those excursions would be available. It could be that they don’t have the contracts in place for the 2023 season, or they are sold out, but either way, if these excursions are something you really want to do, you should make every effort to book them ahead of time. Reach out to your contacts and find out if they are not yet available, sold out, or at least when they might open for booking. Bon Voyage.

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