2022 Danube River Croatia to the Black Sea: Constanta, Romania

By Suzanne Klasen
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Our morning started with traversing the final lock on the Danube/Black Sea Canal and sailing into the Black Sea. It technically was the protected harbor area of the black sea, as our river vessel is not suited for sailing open water, a big wave could tip it right over, but none the less we had reached the Black Sea

Next, we disembarked and enjoyed our wonderful waking tour of the old town Constanta. We learned many things about the history of this area as it was a crossroads of trade between East and West and influenced and conquered by many different cultures including Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and more. The museum we visited had artifacts dating back to Roman times including many well preserved statues and glass vessels. We also found the excavated Roman market hall with its intricate mosaic floor.

There are many different faiths represented in the town with houses of worship including mosques, synagogues, Romanian orthodox and Greek orthodox churches. The beautiful waterfront casino building which has been vacant and in disrepair for many years is currently under renovation and they expect it to open to the public in 2023. Our guide said know one is quite sure what it will be – casino, shopping mall, event venue, restaurants or maybe some combination of all those things?

After a delightful tour of Constanta we headed back to the ship where we sailed over night along the Danube-Black Sea canal to Cernavoda where we disembarked the ship.

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