2022 Danube River Croatia to the Black Sea: Bucharest, Romania

By Suzanne Klasen
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We disembarked from the river and then took about a two hour drive via coach to Bucharest where our local tour guide took us to the very larger Government Administration and Parliament building that was built during the Nicolae Ceaușescu rule of Romania. The building stands at the end of long boulevard that is linked with massive buildings. Ceaușescu tore down many buildings and redesigned the whole city in order to enact his vision.

After a visit to take some pictures outside the building, we headed to the more picturesque old town area to enjoy lunch on our own. We found a little place that had authentic Romanian food and very much enjoyed our lunch of soup and a mixed grill. We headed out that day to our hotel in Brasov

After our stay in Brasov Transylvania, we had one last night in Bucharest before our flights the next morning. We were treated to a nice lunch as part of the tour and then after checking into our final hotel, headed out to dinner at a local restaurant called “La Mama”, I am pretty sure it got that name because the food is like Mama’s home cooking and very authentic Romanian. It was recommended by our tour guide and featured on the evening food tour offered by Avalon’s tour extension. We didn’t do that tour, but people from our cruise came in and out for one course while we were there. We very much enjoyed the veal and the stew, but the Papanasi, which is a wonderful Romanian doughnut the most loved item.

After dinner we had a nice night cap with friends and then in the morning we drove by the Arcul de Triumf, which very much resembles the similar arc in Paris.

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