2022 Danube River Croatia to the Black Sea: Belgrade, Serbia

By Suzanne Klasen
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Another place that captured my heart on this trip was the beautiful town of Belgrade. We arrived early in the morning and were off for a nice tour that included one of the highlights of the trip. The beautiful Serbian Orthodox Santa Sava Cathedral is really a triumph of religious freedom over Communism. The church was started in the early 20th century but was not able to be completed until the end of the 20th century when communism was defeated in Serbia which was once part of Yugoslavia. We had to cross over another ship to get ashore and then we headed to the Cathedral The first set of interior pictures that you see are from the older “temporary” Santa Sava Church. Those on the pictures of the many saints and biblical figures against the dark background.

Next we went over the new big cathedral. The door welcomes visitors in the languages of the world. There are two chapels in the cathedral, the main one on the ground floor and an equally beautiful basement chapel. The basement chapel was covered in gold leaf. This was truly a remarkable cathedral and some of the works is still ongoing.

After our visit to the cathedral, we drove to the towns fortress, which is a little bit of everything: fortress, art museum, military museum, history museum, temporary exhibit museum (Dinosaurs), and even sports court.

Our evening sail away from Belgrade treated us to the spectacular city, both old and new, lit up at night.

On to Gulabac Fortress the next morning.

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