2018 Alaska Cruise: Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

By Suzanne Klasen
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The ice flow was fairly heavy as we headed up the Tracy Arm Fjord, so we only made it partially up Tracy Arm and then turned around and then went partially up Endicott arm. We never got to either edge of the Dawes Glacier.

I have noticed that now most cruise lines are doing Endicott arm, because it seems to have less heavy ice from the glacier and a wider path to navigate around the glacier ice. This gives guests a better chance of reaching the glacier from the ship. Most cruise lines offer a tour, that I highly recommend, where a tour boat meets the ship in the Fjord and guests have a much more up close and personal experience in the fjord, glacier and glacier ice. Either way, the weather was beautiful, if not a little chilly, and the scenery during the fjord sailing time was spectacular. This kind of scenic cruising is the reason that visiting Alaska by Cruise ship is so popular.

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