2023 Antarctica and South America Cruise – Ushuaia, Argentina

By Suzanne Klasen
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Visiting the Southern Most City in the world is a delight any time of year, though I have to say I have only been there in the summer. If you come in the winter, it is a world class ski resort. During the summer it is the gateway to Antarctica and a beautiful scenic destination as well. Because it is a resort destination, great food and wine can be found on every corner.

I did some souvenir shopping around town. I really wanted an Argentine World cup soccer jersey, but couldn’t find one that I thought was reasonably priced. I ended up purchasing one post cruise in Buenos Aires.

Their are so many choices of places to eat on Ushuaia, and we found a little place for lunch that had schnitzel. We headed back to the ship and ran into our wonderful food and beverage director who posed for pictures with us.

One of the best parts about Ushuaia is the sail away. The ship usually leaves around Sunset which is a very late at 9 or 9:30 pm. We choose to forgo the main dining room this night and enjoy sailing away from our cabin. The scenery along the famed beagle channel is spectacular. The surrounding mountains have a fractured appearance due to the process of freezing water cracking the rocks since the glaciers have receded from some of the peaks thousands of years ago.

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