2023 Antarctica and South America Cruise – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

By Suzanne Klasen
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I had arranged a tour to Peninsula Valdez Wildlife Preserve for my group. Though we didn’t get to fully take in all the wildlife that is abundant there, we did get a feeling of why this area is preserved and so special.

The Guanacos were the first bit of wildlife we saw. They are in the camelid family and endimic to South America. We saw quite a few along the road, in the road and really all over the area.

Our next stop weas the visitors center where they had displays about the baleen whales and the orca whales that in habit the coast. Though we were not close enough even on the coast to observe this behavior, the orcas in this area are the only known pods to hunt sealion pups by body surfing in the waves. We didn’t see any orcas, but quite a few people were glad that they didn’t see them catching the sealions. We only saw the sealions at a distance because of where they chose to hang out that day.

This was however a great day to see Penguins close up. We went to a site where they were nesting and feeding. They were pretty cute little guys, and so funny to watch them waddle around on land and swim so gracefully in the water. Another treat was getting to see the Greater Rhea which is South America’s largest flightless bird.

This was quite a long all day tour, but if you are into wild life I would recommend a visit to Peninsula Valdez when you visit Puerto Madryn Argentina.

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