2022 Italy, Greece and Turkey: Mykonos, Greece

By Suzanne Klasen
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Though we spent a very short time here, Mykonos might be my favorite place we visited. The sky and water were so blue and the uniform white buildings made it picture perfect.

This was a tender port and we had the excitement of seeing the brand new Celebrity Beyond in port next to us as we took the tender boat into port. This is a beautiful brand new ship – one which we are hosting a group customer appreciation cruise with low prices and lots of goodies for out guests in March 2023. If you are interested in learning more about that cruise, click here or click here to be linked to our information pages.

We explored the little island on foot and took lots of pictures of both the ships and the beautiful waters.

After our photo safari, we sat down for lunch and what might have been the most expensive place in town. We looked at the menu were shocked by the prices on the fresh seafood. The sold the prawns by the Kilos, 140 Euro per Kilo. I asked how much one prawn would weigh and they said they were about 4 prawns per kilo, so I ordered Grand Ma’s Spinach Pie, authentic Greek pastry for sure, but not nearly as high priced as the fresh seafood. This place was right on the waterfront, so I am sure that is why the prices were high. Steve had the chicken gyro and we both shared delicious fried meatballs and French fries.

After lunch, we headed around the other corner of the waterfront to see the beautiful windmills that are the icons of the island.

Evening sail away was beautiful as the sun set and we watched the Beyond sail away.

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