2022 Ascension Cellars Norway: Southampton, United Kingdom

By Suzanne Klasen
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The morning of our cruise I had arranged a shared coach for our group to take from the London Hotel to the Southampton cruise port. We received notice the night before that the ship was delayed coming back to Southampton and for us to arrive an hour later than scheduled. I was able to reach out to the Coach Hire company Lucketts and have them come later so that we could arrive at the correct time at the terminal. The ride is about 2 hours and thankfully ours was uneventful.

Embarkation was very quick in Southampton, with most of our check-in already done, it was just a quick check of our electronic boarding pass and negative Covid test and one we went.

We had our meeting with the onboard event planner and the cellar master to make sure that our wine events were all going as planned. We had to work out one final time and dates for our second wine tasting but this was easily done. We wanted some place with views as it was during our sail away from Olden, and they were able to schedule us from 4:00 to 5:00 in the aft facing Tuscan grill

With that detail worked out we just had to go with our winery hosts, Dave and Lisa of Paso Robles Boutique Winery Ascension Cellars, to the wine tower and review all the wines and to which tasting each box corresponded.

With that done we were able to enjoy our sail away party in the Sky Lounge and welcome all of our guests.

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