2023 Western Caribbean Customer Appreciation Cruise #2 – Celebrity Beyond Food and Beverage review.

By Suzanne Klasen
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The food and dining experience on our second week was slightly different as we were sailing with some of the same folks but we also had the addition of other guests on the second week. One of those guests joining us for the second week was my Vegan daughter. She has always said that she loves the vegan food on Celebrity and this we no different. For the rest of us who are omnivores, the menu was the same as the week before, but it gave us the chance to try some different dishes from the same menu or repeat favorites.

We also hosted again, a Riedel Comparative wine glass work shop, and near the end of the cruise another beer tasting, but my husband, son and friends also participated in a MaCallan tasting. We also enjoyed some of the craft specialty cocktails at the Eden bar.

Our specialty dining experience on this cruise was in the fabulous Fine Cut Steak house. This was a nice chance to visit with our friends who were dining in Luminea for most of the cruise as well as a chance to experience the specialty steaks that they have at this venue.

Finally, once again as part of our customer appreciation program we co-hosted with food and beverage a martini tasting party, complete with flair show and the big pour.

Suzanne Klasen

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