2022 Ultimate Southern Caribbean: Roseau, Dominica

By Suzanne Klasen
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This was my 4th or 5th visit to Dominica, one of the most unique islands in the Caribbean. While neighboring Antigua boast 365 beaches, Dominica, a very steep and relatively young volcanic island, boast few beaches but 365 Waterfalls. We had an unusual circumstance that required us to take private tour of the island. We were traveling with an unvaccinated two year old. Being unvaccinated required him to take a ship’s tour, and being two years old made him two young for any of the ship’s tours. However, Celebrity was able to put together a custom tour for us with a private divers that included a visit to a scenic vista and splash in a beautiful tropical waterfall. These types of waterfall swims are often featured on the cruise line’s web site and something I always wanted to do.

We disembarked with our private tour tickets and met the tour organizer ashore at the end of the pier. She helped us locate our driver and our private van. He was a friendly guy who loved his beautiful island and was happy to tell us all about it. Our first stop was the vista point on Morn Bruce Vista point where we could see the cruise ship and the biggest building in the town of Rousseau, the Cricket Stadium.

After the vista point, our tour continued as we drove both through the city, but the cricket stadium, along the waterfront and up the mountains along a winding road to Jacko Falls. Along the way, we saw mountains, goats, stray dogs and the lush rain forest. Jacko Falls had a restroom and changing room, stairs down to the falls and a little gift shop. I changed into my swim suit and headed down to the falls where I was the only one of our group to get in the water. It was a cloudy day, we were high in the mountains, and the water was quite cold, but I toughed it out because I always wanted to swim in a tropical waterfall. The pool under the falls was quite uneven as it had rocks in some spots to make the water shallower. Water shoes were a must. It was refreshing and we could have spent more time there, but with myself being the only one in the water and the temperature a little chilly, I decided that a quick dip was best. I supposed it I lived on the Island I could this everyday in a different spot.

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