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By Suzanne Klasen
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Wow! Did we love our two weeks on the Edge. This was our first time to sail the Edge, though we were supposed to sail on her way back in 2018 when she made her debut. We were all set to go on the preinaugural when my husband ended up in the hospital for a few days. We had heard so much about this new class of ship, we were excited to experience if for ourselves. We had done a two day stint on the Beyond in November but this cruise was going to be 20 days on the Edge in a standard cabin, a chance for us to truly experience this class of ship.

First, lets address the elephant in the room: The Infinite Veranda! Yay or Nay? Well after 20 days in the cabin, I am here to say that I really did love the cabin. But I will point out both the good and the down side of having this type of cabin. I’ll start with the good as I truly felt it outweighed the bad.

  1. Most Spacious Cabin In Its Class. These cabins are 23% larger than typical balcony cabins in the industry.
  2. There is a full size King Size bed in the room. It is a split king that can be made up as twins or a full size king. This gave my husband I so much more room than we would typically have on a cruise ship bed.
  3. On a cool day you can open the Infinite Veranda and have your whole room open to the fresh air and ocean breezes. I loved hearing the sound of the ocean outside my window. I do spend a lot of time in my room on a cruise as I am continuing to run my business an work with m clients when I cruise. It was so nice to have the fresh air and lovely ocean sounds.
  4. The batrooms are way bigger than other classes of Celebrity ships. We loved the large bath, room to spread out and the ability for two people to have access to the sink and mirror at the same time.
  5. The flex space allows more room to spread out the balcony space becomes part of the interior of the room when the bifold doors are open so that the outdoor space is not wasted space when you are not out there.

Now for my honest opinion of the down side.

  1. If your balcony is facing the sunny side there can be a lot of heat game in the room if you don’t have the shade drawn. In cooler weather this is not an issue but in the Caribbean it meant we had to pull down our shade some times. If you have the window open the AC shuts off.
  2. The bridge staff can close the window in rainy weather so the rain doesn’t come in the window.
  3. It takes a full 60 seconds holding the window button to that the window goes up and down. Even our shades at home have a one touch and go feature which would be a big improvement to how the windows work.
  4. Your can’t go out on the balcony with-out retracting the black out shad which means that if you roommate is sleeping you can’t just go out on the balcony and keep the room dark.

We were on the ship for back to back sailings, and for our second set of 10 days we were in an Aqua Class cabin, which is basically identical to the standard infinite veranda. The additional amenities in Aqua Class included a yoga mat, plush bathrobe and fancy shower head.

Finally, I had a fellow traveler who was staying an a Solo Infinite Veranda room. These Edge Single Veranda stateroom as still big at 142 sq feet, but have a full size bed, smaller bath and smaller closet space. Still these spaces are great for folks who don’t want to pay the single supplement. The down side is that they have a little bit of a lifeboat view.

This ship does have some amazing suites like the ones we stayed in on the Beyond, and those come with amenities, private spaces and service that rivals any luxury line.

Suzanne Klasen

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