2018 Transpacific Cruise: Moorea, French Polynesia

By Suzanne Klasen
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After my visit to three French Polynesian Island, my recommendation to folks who want to come there for the Over Water Bungalow experience, is to visit Moorea. It is just as beautiful as Bora Bora, and more conveniently located with just a ferry ride from the main island of Tahiti. Our stay was just a day in Moorea, but we made the most of it. Our ship dropped anchor in the bay and from there we took an excursion to swim with sharks that we had booked the previous day in Tahiti. During our transport to the beach that was the holding area, we past several beautiful hotels with the over water bungalow accommodations. The swim with the sharks was really amazing. I actually had the naturalist, Brent Nixon and his wife on my tour boat with me. He had recommended the experience in his lectures stating the we are too big for the small reef sharks to consider us food, and the they would just ignore us. Sure enough, the reef sharks couldn’t have cared less that we were in the water with them.

The dramatic mountains and spires, lush greenery and pristine waters made Moorea a thrilling experience.

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