2018 Southern Caribbean: St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda

By Suzanne Klasen
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Antigua, with its 365 beaches, one for every day of the year, might just be the prettiest of the Caribbean islands. A group of us walked off the ship and picked up a tour from the many sellers on the dock. Our driver was quite the character and quite the hustler. From the moment we started our tour with him he was still trying to pick up more passengers to fill up his van. He was calling out to tourist and asking if they wanted to join the tour. He also knew everyone in town in would call out to them in the local creole slang.

As a tour guide he was quite informative and pointed out to us the important sites, including the town’s old wooden church which was currently going under restoration from termite damage. There was a mansion on a hill, which our guide told us belonged to Antigua’s most famous Cricket player. He also took us to the most famous vista of Antigua, Shirley Heights, from which was could see the bay that was home to Nelson’s Dockyard. After enjoying the expansive Shirley Heights views, we headed down to Nelson’s Dock yard for a complete tour of the area. Nelson’s Dock Yard was a repair place for British ships. Many of the men who worked there were conscripted/kidnapped from England and forced to do very hard labor in the hot Caribbean sun. According to our tour guide it was a very hard life.

On a lighter note, the marina there was welcoming contestants who were completing a trans-Atlantic rowing challenge. A four woman team of athletes arrived while we were there. With such beauty, Antigua is a great stop on you Caribbean cruise.

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