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Hi! My name is Suzanne Klasen.  I am the Owner / Travel Advisor and CLIA Master Cruise Counselor and Elite Cruise Counselor (MCC, ECC) for my CruiseOne Vacations by Suzanne Travel Agency. This site is a collection of my personal travels, thoughts and recommendations. The map above represents the cruise travel (based on embarkation port) that I have posted so far (more to come). Click on a map point to see the cruise itinerary and details.

2023 Greenland and Canadian Arctic Expedition Cruise – Kerketen Island, Nunavut, Canada


Destinations/Ports Series: 2023 Greenland and Canadian Arctic Expedition This day brought us out to an old whaling station archeological site. We were accompanied by Christian our on board Archeological expert who is a professor at the University of Glasgow. His specialty is Inuit and Paleo Inuit people. This station had remnants of a blubber processing…

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