Windstar Cruises Offers WSC Personalized Services

Seattle, April 7, 2010 — Windstar Cruises, which operates a three-ship fleet of luxury yachts that explore hidden harbors and secluded coves of the world’s most treasured destinations, offers WSC Personalized Services designed to enhance and personalize Windstar vacations.

Windstar guests now have a variety of services available to them to complement their cruise, allowing them to experience a cruise vacation that is personalized to their needs. WSC Personalized Services is a guest’s personal concierge, assisting them with pre- or post-cruise arrangements along with any requests during their cruise.

WSC Personalized Services can provide:
• Hotel accommodations
• Villas/apartments rentals
• Car rentals
• Rail tickets
• Transportation
• Bike rentals
• Golf tee times
• Car and driver
• Private tours
• Private guides
• Sightseeing
• Event tickets
• City stopovers
• Customized shore excursions
• Restaurant reservations
• Airline arrangements
• Transfers
• Group services
• Pre- and post-cruise packages

WSC Personalized Services utilizes an extensive list of local merchants and service providers where Windstar sails. The WSC Personalized Services team is well-traveled and experienced in concierge services and the art of trip planning and works within a guest’s budget to fulfill their requests. For more information on WSC Personalized Services, please visit