Windjammer Barefoot Cruise in a Big Jam? May Be Gone for Good?

I had always put the idea of doing a Windjammer Barefoot Cruise on the list of things that I might do one day. The idea of sailing to different islands, enjoying snorkeling and other low key activities, while meeting new people and truly relaxing, seemed like an appealing alternative when I tired of the more formal mega ships that I usually cruise. I’d even heard that tagging along on their “Amazing Grace” restocking freighter cruises could be a really different way to get a way from it all.

Now it looks like I may have missed my opportunity. There are reports on Cruise Critic and on a few of the Windjammer fan blogs that they have canceled all of this weeks sailings and are in danger of closing down for good. Cruise Critic reports that they have been having financial trouble. Cruise Critic has published two articles on the subject in the last 5 weeks: Financial Difficulties and Is it Over? Windjammer fans had been hoping that a new investor or larger cruise cruise company would come in and rescue Windjammer but that hasn’t happened yet.

I have been trying to independently confirm exactly what the situation is with Windjammer but other than the editorial report on Cruise Critic and the discussions on cruise blogs, there has not been any other information. The Windjammer site is not running now and I haven’t seen any mainstream media stories about the subject yet.

Let’s hope that something comes about to resolve the situation. I can’t think of any thing worse than having a cruise booked for months only to have the cruise line closed down when I was supposed to be on vacation.