Why I Think a Cruise is the Best Vacation for a Busy Mom

I am what I would describe as a busy Mom. My kids are involved in many after school activities including Dance, Cheer leading, Football, Baseball, and Basketball. We live many miles from these activities so we spend over an hour a day just commuting to these activities. In addition to my job as a chauffeur, I also help coach cheerleading and take a few dance classes my self. I also volunteer at my church and a local Veterans hospital. Some times I feel that I am like the Energizer Bunny, in that I just keep “going and going and going.” A cruise is for me, the ultimate get-a-way from this crazy schedule.

I have done many other vacation styles in the past 5 years or so, but I have to say that the cruise has so many advantages over other vacation options. First, we took a week long trip to Disney World with the extended family. For fun and excitement, this trip was great, but the down side of that trip was long lines, structured days, large crowds and mostly fast food. I’ve also taken a couple of trips to the beach with family. On these trips we have rented a large beach front house that accommodated our extended families. The nice part of these vacations was not just the location, but lack of crowds, time to visit with family, and lots of really good home cooked food. However, the down side of these vacations were that there was no housekeeping service, no entertainment, and house guests had to help in the after dinner clean-up and dish washing.

On a cruise, your room steward keeps your room very clean – no bed making or toilet cleaning required. All of your meals are also prepared for you, and with a greater variety than what is available at an amusement park. There are also plenty of activities for fun, and plenty of opportunities to just relaxing and do nothing. Perhaps dinner is the best part of a cruise. Moms can relax and enjoy the meal in the dining room with their families without the stress of preparing it or the unpleasant task of cleaning the kitchen or doing dishes. A sit down meal in the dining room, enjoying conversation with the kids and my husband, is so much more relaxing than grabbing a burger and fries before we have to run to use our fast pass to take a ride on Disney’s Haunted House. As a busy mom who always seems to be on the go, the slower pace of a cruise is a welcome relief from my busy schedule. I think that most Moms really like a chance to be pampered with great service and to take a break from the daily routine.