What’s up with the Mercury?

In my usual web surfing today, I happened to notice that the Celebrity Web Site is no longer showing my Mercury cruise to Alaska in June 2007. As a matter of fact, the Ships Calendar shows “Pacific Northwest” but there is nothing there to be clicked on – it’s basically blanked out.

After reading a bit of speculation in some the cruise boards, I decided to call the Captains Club and see what might be going on. They were not able to give me any information at all and redirected me to “customer service” who were basically less than informative. I called my travel agency, Sky Scraper Tours, who tried to reassure me that it seemed that Celebrity was just updating their web site, and that I should check back in couple of days. She said that I will probably see my cruise right there with no changes.

I was hoping to get confirmation of some of the wild rumors that have been floating around about the Mercury. The rumor is the Mercury will be getting an renovation update just like the Century, with the addition of more balcony cabins and a specialty restaurant. It is the possibility of additional balcony cabins that has me most excited as the current configuration of the Merc has no regular balcony cabins that can accommodate a family of 4. Also, the Family Ocean Views are just that – Ocean Views with no Veranda. Speculation is that when they remodel the ship, they may convert the Ocean Views to Balcony/Veranda cabins by adding doors and partitioning off the existing public deck space right outside those cabins.

Right now, there are no answers from anyone, so we’ll just have to wait and see.