Walking, the easiest way around Rome and Makes your pasta guilt free!

We just finished our second full day of touring in Rome. Again, I can’t express how much I love this city. We find the people very friendly and every day we see something more beautiful than we did the day before. We also have chosen walking as our way around town. Walking provides us with great exercise and give you a great perspective on most parts of the city. Today, we started our walk by heading along Via Villa Borghese and then up the side of the river to Castel San Angelo where we toured the caste/fortress and took in the amazing views of the city. From there we went to the St. Peter’s Basilica a the Vatican. There was an extremely long line to get through the security area, but it moved rather quickly, so we were inside in under 20 minutes. The art in the building, sculpture and design are simply awe inspiring. It may be one of the grandest buildings in the world. Truly a beautiful place.

After our finish at the Vatican, we headed out to walk further along the Tiber river to the Trestevere area. There we found a fantastic little outdoor cafe where I had the above seafood and past dish. I am my mother’s daughter when it come to seafood and the clams and mussels were heavenly. After lunch we visited the Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest church locations in Rome. It still has a Medieval feel, rather then an overly baroque one. Be for I left for the trip one of the ladies asked me to light a candle and say a prayer in Rome four little church back home. Our church at home currently meets in large room of an older home in our area. We are praying and working to raise enough money to build a church building of our own, so my friend asked me to pray for that need. I thought that since the church was established as one of the first Christian building in all of Rome, it would be a good place to say that prayer.

Continuing our walk we crossed the Tiber at the Isla Tiber bridge. On the island now stands a hospital, in ancient times it contained a temple dedicated to healing. After crossing the bridge, I wanted to take the kids by the ruins near Largo Argentina. These ruins clearly show the remains of two ancient temples, one round and one rectangular. The ruins weren’t discoverd until the 1920’s and about that time many cats took up refuge in the area. Currently there is a cat sanctuary that provides for their vaccinations, care, feeding and neutering. You can read more about them on their website. This is a unique place to take your kids to see ancient ruins because ot the newness of its discovery and the cute cats. Both of my kids decided to see how many cats they could count. They only could find 12, but the rescue organization says there are 250 cats living at the site.

Continuing on our walk we made it past the Pantheon and then to the St. Ignatius church were I wanted to see the false dome, a bit of trump loi, painted on the ceiling. I thought it was cool, but the the others in our group were underwhelmed. Our walk continued along Via Del Corso to our side street and our apartment. We think that we probably walked another 5-7 miles today, not counting stairs.

So after all that walking we were ready for another fantastic meal. We went to one of Steve’s old favorite Fontanella’s. They thought that they remembered us from years ago, mostly because Steve was always there with a big group. They have a vast array of choices but I found two thinks I liked on the “tourist” menu that I liked. I got the fettuccine puntanesca and saltimbocca a la Romano. They also gave us some goodies like sparkling wine and lemoncello. It was all good and both service and taste was top notch. Best of all after all that walking I didn’t feel guilty about enjoying all that delicious pasta.