Vision of the Seas – Winds to a Close

Well we are now on our last day of the cruise and I can give a little report on the high lights and maybe a few opportunities for improvement of this cruise. Again I apologize for Typo’s.  The internet is slow and expensive, so I’ll have to make corrections once I return home and have plenty of time.


I’ll start with the positive because this has been a fabulous week. First the Staff and Crew has been very enthusiastic and working very hard.   A great time for all.  The cruise director has amazing energy and makes everything fun.   He’s even been teaching the Michael Jackson Thriller Dance to a group who will perform it tonight.    We’ve enjoyed the activities which have included game shows and trivia.   The game show the other night was fun, and once I’d never done on a cruise before.  It was call “Most Popular Answer”, with each team writing down an answer to a question and trying to come up with the most popular answer.

Our waiter has been extremely professional and helpful at dinner.   We have really appreciated him and his efforts.   Also the assistant mairtre de has made a point to come around and make sure everyone is happy with their experience.    Extremely helpful.   He also made a point to helping me to find nachos at the buffet, and I’m not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but I told him I was craving nachos, and they were on the buffet the next day.

The other highlight of this cruise has definitely been the itinerary.   We have taken some wonderful tours and seen some really amazing ruins and beaches.   So I can highly recommend this itinerary.  I will have pictures and detailed reviews once I’m home.


Some of the opportunities for improvement could be the choices in the buffet.  I find to be a little like a Golden Corral back home, and I’d rather the choices be a little more exotic.   But that is more of a personal thing, many people prefer the food that is a little more like comfort food.    Temperatures could be a little hotter on the hot items in the main dining room, but the flavors have been very good.

A few more crew members per guest might be helpful, just making it easier to take care of things like getting a soda or maybe getting the food out more quickly.   We’ve had to wait for things that just seemed like the should have come more quickly.