Virtual Cruise On The Celebrity Summit, Day 8

Today was our stop in Santa Cruz de la Palma. This picturesque little town rises out of the Atlantic on a hillside of the Canary Island of La Palma. After three very intense port days in row, I decided that much rest was needed and forewent going into town. I had a wonderful time simply enjoying the quiet ship. I did go to a small Name That Tune and trivia game, winning a Celebrity ball point pen for being a part of the winning Name That Tune team. Then after a quiet buffet lunch I as able to got back to the room before our 4:00 sail away.

We had invited our new friends Roy and Jenifer to join us on the aft balcony to watch the Canary Island disappear as we began our Atlantic Crossing. On many of our past cruises they have always had a party band playing by the pool area for the sail-a-ways, but for this departure the party band was not playing. Only the guitarist on the aft lounge was offering music for the departure. We enjoyed the soft music from our balcony which was several deck below. We also also enjoyed some Cava (the Spanish version of Champagne) and some cheese and crackers. I had tried to order a larger variety of goodies for the little veranda party, but I am not sure that Ramon our cabin steward under stood completely. In any case this was quickly solved by my daughter who offered to get us some little sandwiches from the afternoon tea area on the buffet. That worked out perfectly.

As we pulled away from the islands, the ship sailed out of the clouds that had been surrounding the islands and into the sun. It made the temperature just right for the sail away. The kids convinced Roy and Jennifer to play the word bluffing game called “Balderdash” with us. Once again Steve ruled supreme as the best “”

This was really the first day so far on this cruise that we have been able to enjoy our extra large balcony. The unseasonably cold weather had kind of put a damper on sitting out there. However, for this departure the weather was just perfect.

Again we enjoyed dinner in the dining room with simply flawless service and pretty darn good food. After dinner we attended the “White Night” party in the Revelations lounge. The white night is sort of a “left over” from the days when they had the Cirque de Solei event on the ship. We didn’t dress in white, however the party was pretty fun with the party band playing a lot of dance hits like Hot, Hot, Hot and Macarena. They even had a contest between two teams of women to take a guy and in 5 minutes bring him back as either Miss Revelations or Miss Martini Bar. A few of my friends had Miss Martini bar and did a great job of dressing “him” in a gown, pearls, shawl and wig. They were excited to win.

Since I have a bit more space in the post, I’ll add a few thoughts on “Things to pack” to make cruise life easier. A few of the things that come up on various lists online are duct tape, clothes pins, sink size travel pouches of tide, a mesh laundry bag and a pop-up laundry hamper. The hamper has been great to have in our room. If something can’t be worn again it goes in there, otherwise if is something that was only worn for a few hours, I can hang it up to be worn again. When I start to see the hamper fill up, I get out suitcase and pack the items for the return home. I also used the travel pouches of tide to wash my son’s khakis when he got a bit of food on them one night. The pants are stain and wrinkle resistant so they easily washed in the sink and dried on the shower line.

I have also found another multi use item to add to the “packing list.”: full size camera tri-pod. When the clothes are nearly dry and no longer dripping, you can free up the shower by moving the clothes to dry on the tripod. Finally everyone always hears that you should never cruise with-out duct tape. On this cruise I think I discovered a new use. I packed my ladies razor cartridges, but forgot to pack the handle unit. I was able to use the duct tape to attach a clothes pen to the razor so that I use them on the trip. We also had a closet door that was swinging open during the rolling seas, and I also used the duct tape to keep it closed until they could have maintenance come and fix it.

So far the service and atmosphere of this cruise has been wonderful, and we are definitely relaxing and enjoying this wonderful trip.