Very Close To Booking Our Next Cruise

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! We finally broke down this weekend and decided be couldn’t proceed any longer with-out having a cruise booked for the end of this year. After a long grueling process of considering itineraries, flights and hotel expenses, we finally have it narrowed down to a prime candidate, a 14 Day Trans-Atlantic cruise on the Celebrity Solstice.

The upside is that it looks like we have enough air line miles to cover the tickets to Rome and back from Miami. The itinerary offers a nice mix of places we have already visited as well a few new ports. Then there are all those wonderful sea days that will allow for total relaxation. The ship is only a year old and offers some of the most beautifully decorated public spaces at sea.

The down side is the size of the ship, with a 2800 passenger capacity. We prefer a sub 2K passengers capacity. My other concern is that with a multitude of alternative dining options at an extra charge, the ship may under emphasize the importance of a high quality experience in the main dining room. Also, this ship has the dining room located in the center of the ship, so it doesn’t offer the panoramic sea view offered on other ships from the main dining room.

However,the pro’s seem to outweigh the cons, and we will most likely book this week. It should be a fantastic cruise should we decide to book it.