Update on Windjammer Troubles

Thanks to the Miami Herald we have bit of an update on the Windjammer Woes. It seems that relief for the troubled company may not be coming any time soon. The Miami Herald reports that a potential investor has now sued Windjammer for negotiating with additional parties while in talks with them and receiving consideration in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash to keep the troubled company in operations. Miami Herald Article

In the mean time, I’ve been following the work of the folks over at Jammerbabe.com. They have been doing a tremendous job on not only raising money for the stranded crews, but also obtaining outside help for the crew members. Several Aruban restaurants have committed to providing them with meals and also contacting other restaurants to see if they would be willing to help. Also it seems that the former passengers have contacted the maritime charity The Seamen’s Church Institute of New York & New Jersey and requested help from their organization. They have said that they are aware of the situation and will work to provide assistance to the crews as well.

I will continue to provide updates as I hear additional information about the situation.