Travelogue at Center of New Azamara Cruises Brand Campaign

MIAMI, Jan 21 – With a refined flair reflective of its onboard offerings, Azamara Cruises has launched a new brand campaign designed to illustrate the deluxe, intimate nature of its ships and the intrigue of the destinations they sail to. Titled “Journal,” the new print campaign began appearing in newspapers and magazines this month.

“Azamara Cruises launched in May of 2007 and in less than a year, has grown into a popular, in-demand cruise experience for the enlightened traveler,” said Wayne Wielgus, senior vice president of marketing for Azamara Cruises. “Without any formal advertising campaign, our travel agent partners and our guests have been our primary force in driving bookings thus far, and now we are ready to take that brand awareness to a new level. We believe that this new campaign exemplifies Azamara’s ability to deliver unique destinations uniquely.”

The first ad’s backdrop is that of an opened travel journal filled with images of dusk setting in above the glow of Venice’s Rialto Bridge and the timelessly quaint buildings that line it, the basilica in St. Mark’s Square, and inset “snapshots” of an Azamara ship, a map depicting her Venice-based itinerary, and a stateroom.

Captain Anastasios N. Lekkas’ photo appears to be affixed to the “journal’s” page with a paper clip, and his thoughts appear in cursive font on the page. “You can’t explore Venice in one day,” notes Captain Lekkas. “Luckily, we’re not in a hurry.” These sentiments illuminate the fact that many of Azamara’s cruises, which typically range from 12 to 18 nights in length, feature multiple overnight stays in port, giving guests more time to explore destinations more immersively.

The ads also introduce Azamara Cruises’ new tagline, “Azamara Cruises Worlds Apart.” This sums up the Azamara Cruises philosophy of delivering such outstanding service in such unsual destinations, that guests will ask themselves which is more intriguing – the destinations or the ship that takes you to them. Azamara Cruises’ onboard experience aims to answer that question by offering the best of both worlds: extraordinary ports and cities that our out of the way, combined with a ship experience that goes out of its way to be refined.

Azamara Cruises unlocks the hidden corners of the world for those who desire to immerse themselves in the rich details of every voyage. The deluxe ships – Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest – offer an intimate experience, while allowing access to exotic destinations experienced travelers long to reach. For the 694 guests on each Azamara Cruises ship, every moment at sea embodies the pinnacle of luxury, and each footstep on shore accentuates the difference between visiting a place and getting a true sense of place. This year, Azamara Cruises presents the best of enchanting Europe, elite Asia, and the most captivating Caribbean and the Panama Canal. The line also offers unique cruisetours in Asia and Europe. For more information, travel agents are encouraged to call 1-877-222-2526. Guests are invited to call 1-877-999-9553. Or, visit