Money Belt, Carry-On, and Checked Luggage: What to Pack Where

When Packing for a cruise or any extended trip, it is important to pack so that your most important items are the most secure. There is nothing worse than traveling abroade and having one’s bag stolen with passports, credit cards and other valuables. Another unfortunate experiences for cruisers occurs when their checked… [Continue Reading]

Keeping a Wardrobe to a Minimum for a 2 Week Trans-Atlantic Cruise

Last year for my Trans-Atlantic cruise I over packed. I had clothing in my suitcases that I never wore. Having all that extra weight in my suit cases when we flew to Barcelona, boarded the ship, packed to leave the ship, checked into our hotel in San Juan, and packed to… [Continue Reading]

Virtual Cruise On The Celebrity Summit, Day 8

Today was our stop in Santa Cruz de la Palma. This picturesque little town rises out of the Atlantic on a hillside of the Canary Island of La Palma. After three very intense port days in row, I decided that much rest was needed and forewent going into town. I had… [Continue Reading]