Virtual Cruise with Mary Alyce, South America and Beyond

Editor’s Note: Frequent cruise and Cruise Talk contributor Mary Alyce reports on her South American leg of her back to back cruise aboard the Holland America MS Statendam.
Manta Ecuador
We are in port at Manta, Ecuador. It is just below the equator. Yesterday as we traveled over the equator the ship had the Polliwog […]

Virtual Cruise Celebrity Summit Days Our Atlantic Crossing

Our 9th day of the cruise was the start of our 5 consecutive sea days on our Atlantic crossing on the Celebrity Summit. This first sea day was welcome change from the 4 consecutive port days were we felt as if we running our selves a bit ragged.
This was also our […]

Virtual Cruise On The Celebrity Summit, Day 8

Today was our stop in Santa Cruz de la Palma. This picturesque little town rises out of the Atlantic on a hillside of the Canary Island of La Palma. After three very intense port days in row, I decided that much rest was needed and forewent going into town. I had […]

Celebrity Summit Virtual Cruise Day 7

I’ll start this blog with a bit of an apology. I have been having such a good time, with so many fun things to do on the ship and in port, I have had a hard time forcing myself to sit and type on the lap top for any length of time. But […]

Celebrity Summit Virtual Cruise Day 6: Lanzarote

Today I think I visited the strangest place on earth, the Island of Lanzarote, part of Spain’s Canary Islands.
This was our second of 4 port days in a row on our Celebrity Summit Trans-Atlantic Cruise. In Lanzarote the ship docks quite a bit away from the town, so for today’s excursion I […]