Learn About Wine and Wealth Management on Windstar

During Wind Surfe™s May 8, 2011 Barcelona to Rome Voyage
Seattle, February 22, 2011 – Windstar Cruises, which operates a three-ship fleet of luxury yachts that explore hidden harbors and secluded coves of the worlde™s most treasured destinations, offers guests the opportunity to learn about wine from David Gianulias and Todd Rustman, founders of Napa Valleye™s… [Continue Reading]

Budgeting for your Transfers for your Pre or Post Cruise stay in Civitavecchia/Rome

Many of us have looked at cruises that either begin or end in Civitavecchia/Rome. The thought of visiting Rome for a few days either before or after a cruise is very exciting, however, potential cruisers may not realize that Civitavecchia is about a one hour drive from Rome and about 1/2 hour drive… [Continue Reading]

Planning a Pre-Cruise Stay, More Complicated Than the Cruise Itself

We have booked our cruise for this year, a Trans Atlantic cruise on the Celebrity Solstice, departing from Rome and ending in Miami. That process took about 5 days from reviewing cruises and price to making our decision and booking. Now I’m in the process of making our arrangements for our 4… [Continue Reading]

Cruise Packing Tip: Always Pack A Carry-on

For the most part the cruise lines get it right. Passengers drop off their luggage at the check-in point at the pier and the luggage is delivered without a hitch right to the passenger’s door. However, sometimes people make mistakes and passenger luggage never makes it onboard the ship.
I just… [Continue Reading]