Surprising Tipping Poll Results Are In

Wow, I was really surprised by how many of our readers don’t like the tipping policies of most cruise lines. Nearly half of our poll responders specified that they think tipping should be included in the cruise price. For those cruisers who don’t mind tipping 20% do it in cash. Our… [Continue Reading]

Celebrity Revises Tipping Policy

For the past 6 years Celebrity has been my preferred cruise line. One of the policies that differentiated Celebrity from other lines was their tipping policy. In the past Celebrity would only add your tips to your onboard account if you filled out a card requesting that the tips be added to… [Continue Reading]

Remember That Your Cruise Cost Is Not “All Inclusive”

I was browsing the net today and I saw a scathing review of Carnival Cruise cruise line. The poster said that he couldn’t believe that he would be charged an extra $50 for dining room service and room cleaning. He felt that is was an exorbitant charge, especially since he was… [Continue Reading]