Why Does Celebrity Still Name its Ships after Popular Automobiles?

It has been a while since I had thought about it, but there was an old review online about Celebrity that poked a little fun a the cruise line for “naming all of their ships after cars”. Ship names like Horizon, Mercury, Infinity, Summit and Century come to mind. However it wasn’t until […]

Riedel Vinum Wine Glasses: One of our Best On Board Purchases

Over our last several cruises we have enjoyed wine in the main dining room from the Riedel Vinum series of wine glasses. Generally the Sommeliers bring them to the table when a passengers has selected a particularly expensive bottle of wine, but we found that if we just mentioned to them that we […]

Gazing at Glaciers: Visiting Nature’s Icy Earth Movers on Your Next Cruise

Glaciers, one of the most breathtaking and powerful forces on earth, provide spectacular scenery for many cruise ship tourist. Powerful rivers of packed snow harden into compacted ice, carving out valleys during the process of advancing and receding. Receding glaciers sometimes leave spectacular fjords, bays and lakes in their wake. […]

The Canary Islands, An Overlooked, Yet Facinating Destination

Most Americans don’t put the Canary Islands, located just off the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara, Africa, on their list of “Top Ten Vacation Destination.” The islands’ location simply makes them too remote for most Americans to visit. However, they are an extremely popular destination for British, German and other European vacationers. […]

Celebrity Summit 14 Day Trans-Atlantic Cruise November 29th 2008

This is the area where Celebrity still continues to excel and even amaze me as a customer. The service throughout every aspect of the ship was nearly flawless. Every detail, from the politeness of the servers to the way they served your drinks and food made it so special. […]