Cruise Talk Appearing on “Cruise Radio”

A few days ago I was contacted by the independent internet radio show “CruiseRadio.Net” for an interview about Celebrity. The proprietors were not familiar with Celebrity at all and asked me to answers some questions about Celebrity for their listeners since I have cruised with so many times Celebrity over the last 7 years…. [Continue Reading]

Wonderous Last Days on our Tran-Atlantic Solstice Cruise

The last few days of the cruise found me having a wonderful time and my kids hogging the laptop in order complete their home work, so here I am a week later finally reporting about the final days of the cruise.
Day 4 Atlantic Crossing
On our 4th day of the crossing we found our selves… [Continue Reading]

A Relaxing Day at Sea helps us all Recharge Our Batteries

Yesterday was the first sea day of our crossing and offered us a change to recharge our batteries after such a busy previous week. While the kids enjoyed some time in the youth program, I had a chance find a quiet area on the ship and practice my dance recital routines with my portable… [Continue Reading]

A Fabulous Day at Sea

This morning started with my daughter and I getting up at 6:00 am, when the ship was passing by the Rock of Gibraltar. We had hoped that it would daylight at that time of day, but it was still dark so the view was not any different than what we saw last year when… [Continue Reading]

A Relaxing Day in Barcelona

Today our ship docked in beautiful Barcelona Spain. Since we had spent 4 days there last year before our cruise on the Summit, we decided that in the cold overcast weather it would be much more relaxing to stay on the ship. Barcelona is a fascinating city with its history dating back to… [Continue Reading]