Waterproof Pouches: Keep Your Valuables With You

One of my clients asked me a very good question just the other day: What do you do with your valuables like your camera, credit cards, and money when your are on an excursion to the beach or on a snorkeling boat? One possibility is to do what our family does. … [Continue Reading]

My Top Ten Things I’d Like To Do Someday On A Cruise

You may remember that I recently decided to do a three part series on cruising top ten lists. Over the past week, I completed the first two posts in my series that covered my top ten favorite things about cruising and my top ten things I avoid when I cruise. I hope you… [Continue Reading]

Kona Sea Sports Shogun Charters

I think I can easily say that the highlight of our trip to Hawaii was our charter boat ride from Kuailua, Kona to Keleakua Bay. As a family of four, we wanted to try both fishing and snorkeling. When looking at charter fishing options, Kona Sea Sports was one of the few Kona… [Continue Reading]