NCL Adopts More Restrictive Smoking Policy

NCL has adopted a more restrictive smoking policy, now restricting passengers from smoking in their cabins. I have updated our smoking policies page to reflect the new policy. (I recently had to turn off the comments segment on this page, because, despite my pleas to our readers, the arguments on both sides of… [Continue Reading]

New to Cruising?

Experienced cruisers who are familiar with the intricacies and subtleties of cruising know what aspects of the cruise experience they like and don’t like. They can easily do a little online research or chat with their travel agent and find a cruise line that mostly meets their needs. However, for those… [Continue Reading]

P&O Cruises Leads the Way in Going Smoke Free at Sea

25 Jul 08 – P&O Cruises is to go smoke free in all inside areas on board three of the ships in the fleet.
As of October this year two family-friendly ships, Oceana & Ventura, and adult-only Artemis will be no smoking in all inside spaces. There will be allocated outside smoking areas on all ships… [Continue Reading]

Smoking Poll Demonstrates The Cruiselines’ Conundrum

Thank you to all of our readers who responded in our smoking poll. The results demonstrate the conundrum in which the cruise lines find themselves. If they have more restrictive smoking policies they please non-smokers. If they restrict smoking more extensively they risk losing all smokers.
According to the American… [Continue Reading]

This Cruiser Loves the New Celebrity Smoking Policy

As a non-smoker, I applaud Celebrity Cruises for introducing their new more restrictive smoking policy. While I was “OK” with the old policy, I feel the new policy will make my family’s next cruise experience even more pleasant. The new restriction on in cabin and balcony smoking should also provide a safer environment… [Continue Reading]