New Ship Smell?

I just saw the “New Ship Smell” commercial on TV with the track suit guy exploring the new Carnival ships. The humorous spot features a nerdy looking guy exploring a Carnival ship and smelling things like railings and decorations. It got me wondering what features these new Carnival ships might… [Continue Reading]

Cruising with Mary Alyce, Statendam, Jan 2009

(Editors Note: Mary Alyce is one of our field reporters here at cruise talk. She cruises about 3 or 4 times a year and sends us her daily blog to post here at cruise talk. For this cruise she is traveling on the Statendam, by Holland America. Her voyage includes… [Continue Reading]

Ship Size Survey Results Are In !

We’ve had over 100 responders to our ship size survey, and the results are in!!! Mega-ships are the most popular. The mega ships narrowly beat our the medium size ships with the mega ships getting 28% of the votes and the medium size ships getting 26% of the votes. … [Continue Reading]

If It’s Important To You, Get It In Writing

Some of the cruise lines are famous for telling passengers one thing one time and then something else later. Usually, the issues where there are inconsistencies are generally minor, but my advise to passengers is: If an issue is important to you, get your answer in writing from the cruise line employee… [Continue Reading]