Cruise Lines Cancel Stops in Mexican Ports in Response to Swine Flu

In light of the recent CDC Travel Advisory to Mexico because of the Swine Flu outbreak, some cruise lines are canceling their port stops in Mexico. The advisory states that travelers should avoid all unnecessary travel to Mexico. The following is summary of announcements made by each cruise lines in light the recent… [Continue Reading]

Royal Caribbean Champions Defend Their Impartiality in The Wake of “Paid Cheerleader” Accusations

Regardless of how neutral we try to be, all “reporters” have some sort of agenda to promote. For a journalist, that agenda may be to “spin” an article to promote sales or views. For a cruise blogger, like me, it is simply to share my love of cruising, and bring members to… [Continue Reading]

Nickelodean Cruise – A Family Cruise Definitely Not for the Newlywed or Nearly Dead

(I write this article as my own two kids are tuned into one of their favorite “Nick” shows “Fairly Odd Parents.”)
Have you ever heard the expression that “Cruises are for the Newlywed or Nearly Dead”. I just read about the first ever Nickelodeon Family Cruise, set for this August 10-17th on Royal Caribbean’s… [Continue Reading]