Healthy Guests, Happy Vacations: Royal Caribbean’s Top-notch Medical Facilities At Sea

Perhaps in response to the recent Norovirus in the US and on cruise ships departing from US ports, Royal Caribbean has released the following video on their ship board Medical Facilities.

Update on Crown Princess

The increased incidence of gastrointestinal illness that occurred during the previous cruise of Crown Princess has reappeared on the current voyage which departed Saturday, February 4, despite rigorous sanitization measures.
In consultation with the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who has informed us that there are widespread outbreaks of Norovirus occurring in the US, it […]

Some Thoughts on Containing Norovirus Outbreaks

Norovirus is in the news again with several ships having a few hundred sick passengers.  The  ships were sanitized between cruises to prevent further spread.   While I do believe that the media tends to over sensationalize the cruise ship outbreaks, I wanted share some thoughts and information on the issue.
This week Princess took drastic measure […]

Norovirus Vaccine Promising

My Mother-In-Law boarded the Ryndam Sunday in Tampa after it has suffered two previous cruises with a Norovirus outbreak.   The ship is following anti epidemic procedures  including a complete cleaning before new passengers can board, no salt and pepper shakers, and no self serve in the buffet area. I gave her the standard advice about […]

Sanitize Your Hands!

If you watch our cruise talk video from the Celebrity Mercury, you’ll hear the words “Sanitize your hands!” from the ship’s chief bartenders during their round of “Liars Club”. Liars Club is a funny game they play sometimes on cruise ships, but his point should be taken very seriously. A recent study published in the […]